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Free Users
As a free user, you receive 200 credits upfront and can export up to 3 designs to Figma. With 200 credits, you can generate up to 20 designs. If you exceed your limit, we'll kindly ask you to upgrade.
Can I use designs generated from Galileo for commercial purposes?
Only Standard and Pro subscribers, and Enterprise customers are allowed to use any designs they generate from Galileo for commercial purposes. Free users do not have commercial usage rights for their designs.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
You're free to change your plan at any time by selecting a new plan. If you upgrade, you'll only be charged the difference on a prorated basis. If you downgrade, your future payments will reflect the lower-priced plan.
How do I cancel my plan?
You can cancel your plan anytime and retain access until the end of your current billing cycle. To manage your plan, click the "Manage Plan" button above.
Can I top up credits if I exceed my monthly limits?
A feature to top up credits for paid users will be available soon. Stay tuned!
I have more questions
For further inquiries, please contact us at